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Our Story

Our Story




Adding and multiplying. These are the purposes of two people who, in different careers, want to add value to the life of society.

The first interaction was provoked by friends and family who saw the potential in both of them. Also, they knew that integrating opportunities and needs in the areas of health, law, governance, technology, and innovation using design thinking, process, communication, and education would generate sharing of entrepreneurs and consumers.



This first meeting happened in 2016, among unique moments in the careers of Cristiane and Ana Karolina.

Conversations, laughter, insights, thoughts and most importantly: many questions between their work experiences.

Years of experience in health and innovation



A welcoming city, receptive to the unprecedented...

All this story came true in São Paulo, the heart of Brazil and one of the largest GDPs in the world.

This city, which is the most populous in Brazil, with more than 12 million people, welcomed our project in its unit.

This is valuable considering that it is the financial and corporate center that has no geographical borders and is considered a pole. São Paulo has dense interconnections with culture, education, health, and entertainment.

Innovating for Leadership
During the chat, a question came up: What is Immunology? Ana Karolina's answer to Cristiane was: Balance! Thus, the project begins its journey. New expectations were under construction. The transformation of work into leadership actions.
Facilitating changes
Everything was going according to plan until the company was approached by a major investor in the US - Tanveer Patel, Co-Founder and CEO of Concert Care to find out how she could collaborate. The approach to undertake outlined its trajectory: Innovate and Undertake for Purpose! The business plan is "Innovate Naturally!"
Continuing the Story...
From now on we count on you to continue the Immunity story. Share with us your experiences in the social networks. Participate in our services and be a multiplier of the I AM IMMUNE experience in families and organizations!



Expectation and quality of life are linked to the balance of each human being.

It is essential to BE IMMUNE to achieve your goals. The connection between health and innovation makes you reach your goals in harmony.