• Horário de atendimento – Segunda à Sexta das 9 às 18 horas
  • Opening hours - Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm
  • 營業時間-週一至週五上午9點至下午6點




Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our business. If this content does not answer your questions, please send us your question using the form on this page.

It is a venture that shares responsible information and experiences with an educational and transdisciplinary approach involving all areas of health. The purpose is to advise society so that their lives are in balance in all aspects.

No. The Institute does not offer medical consultation services. We work with information educationally for people who are interested in developing their health contemplating their body, mind and soul.

Yes, but you must make an appointment in advance so that the team can receive you with promptness and attention.

Yes, this is fundamental for our Institute since we work with health and other professionals that are involved in studies, analysis and scientific publications.

Yes, we organize events. We work with professionals who give lectures and show the I AM IMMUNE experience.

Click here and get to know our initiatives. If you prefer, send an email to contato@immunityinitiative.com.br and tell us what service you are interested in, what caught your attention and what is your question regarding the services.

Immunity focuses its services on the family, from the pregnancy of the mother to the life of the elderly. We also have a full relationship with all health professionals, public and private sector managers, regulatory professionals, and physical educators.

Human behavior, access to capital, care in the environment, medication use, compliance and accountability, industry dynamics and performance, and technology management.

Face-to-face and virtual meetings (events), training, certification, mentoring, structuring tools, information management and communication.

As a collaborator that helps and multiplies the information and services to the intending to make them understand the nature of immunology.

BE IMMUNE means knowing how to control yourself emotionally, finding balance and having a unique experience.

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