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Cristiane Chaves Gattaz

Informações Pessoais

Cristiane Chaves Gattaz

  • Experiências :
    Experiences: Oversees aspects of intelligent design and meaningful connections to innovate naturally, with a focus on human needs. Works on purposes to add value to people's lives and expand in all areas for personal and professional development.

Personal Information

– Graduation in Business Administration, PUCSP (2000)
– M.Sc. in Science & Technology Commercialization, University of Texas at Austin (2002)
– Ph.D. in Production Engineering, POLI-USP (2010)
– Post-Doctorate in Communication, at Embrapa Instrumentação (2015)

Professional Activities: Teaching, R&D, Entrepreneurship, Events and Lectures, Consulting, Assistance and Board Member

Areas of Activity: Governance, Design, Processes, Transdisciplinary Team, Information and Communication Technologies, and Innovation

Collaborative Network: An international business platform in the sectors of Software, Telecommunications, Agriculture, Health, Financial, Aerospace, Education, and Defense